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MDPE Water Pipe
20mm - 63mm MDPE Water Pipe

MDPE Water Pipe (Blue & Black)

Blue & Black service piping and mains pipes from 20mm to 125mm available In coils and sticks together with a comprehensive range of compression, mechanical and fusion welded fittings.

Available at: Gloucester  Ammanford  Stoke On Trent  

Mechanical Compression Fittings

Plasson mechanical fittings and valves ranging from 16mm to 160mm, Connects metric blue & black MDPE water pipe. Very easy to use, simply insert pipe liner into pipe, loosen the compression nut until half the thread is visible. Push & twist pipe into body of fitting - past split ring & O ring. Tighten nut firmly

Available at: Gloucester  Ammanford  Stoke On Trent  

Electrofusion Fittings

Comprehensive range of Electrofusion fittings available from 20mm to 630mm.

Available at: Gloucester  Ammanford  Stoke On Trent  

Barrier Pipe

25mm, 32mm & 63mm Barrier Pipe x 50m Coils the solution for laying drinking water pipes in land contaminated by hydrocarbons. It's unique 5 layer sandwich structure with full seam welded aluminium layer provides a barrier to solvents and fuels leaching into the water supply, providing assured water quality. Part of a system with compatible fittings for complete protection. Also known as Puriton Trigon, Polyguard & Protectaline.

Available at: Gloucester  Ammanford  Stoke On Trent  

Stop Cock Chambers

Plasson Stop Tap Chambers come complete with Base, Tube, Top Hat Adaptor and Plastic Lid suitable for Plasson Stop Valves 20mm, 25mm and 32mm.

Available at: Gloucester  Ammanford  Stoke On Trent  


The cost effective solution to shallow water supply issues. Available for 25mm or 32mm diameter pipes, and suitable for green or brownfield developments, SHalloduct allows water pipes to be laid where it is not possible to reach the recommended depth of 750mm.

Available at: Gloucester